Who Were They?

Life is short and when we lose someone, usually we only have photographs, anecdotal or shared events retained through ever decreasing memories and clarity. Handwritten notes or memories contain an emotional link, but much more is attainable when we can hear their voice or see them in action.

Listening back to a grandmother talking about her early life or reading from hand written journals or letters (typed maybe) the stories they reflect are priceless.
Record your family and friends using the written word, video or sound. Not the information about the now or more recent activities for which your memory will maintain a special time. Record their life prior to meeting you, raising you or compiling the shared memories. Prepare a series of questions prior to the ‘interview’ and give the ‘client’ time to review, agree, change or add. Of course questions about your relationship is a worthy topic, but you should already have this understanding and memory. More important is the story about your early years and their interaction with you.

I have my mother’s written memories entitled ‘what I want you to know’ and also my paternal-grandmother’s vocal recordings of her early life recorded a narrated by another family member.

These items have heritage significance. Do it before it is too late for neither you nor they will last forever.

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