2015 A Change Year

2015 confronts with the necessity to adapt, modify and absorb the every changing landscape.

I can see why people prefer to opt out, retire from working or social life and just potter about in their comfortable environment.

It is a challenge to be always asked for more input and output, more energy and commitment. If we could see a result from the efforts expended then yes! let’s go all out and make this initiative and innovation generate meaningful change and benefit.

But generally that does not happen. Work is generated on a whim and submitted because it is the topic of the day/hour and ‘must be addressed’. Most of our working life is made up of meaningless, uninspiring, repetition on subjects which were topics of interest last week/month/year, without any resolution.

Well 2015 is going to be different. I intend to make noise about inefficient, ineffective and meaningless activity. Worse case scenario is the status quo remains. However, best case something may actually change for the better.

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