Australian War Time Service

Within the publication, ‘Australian History Live!’ Ian Warden has reminded us of Australia at Federation.

An anonymous author for The Bulletin wrote, ‘…there were soldiers and soldiers and soldiers, emphasising the sadness that Australia, the land of peace, has become for British ends a land of war …

Have we grown up since that description was penned? We have followed into the conflicts for and against the Boer, Sudanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malays, Timorese, Iraqis and Afghani.

There has been one notable exception, John Curtin (14th PM), who turned tradition on its head and formed the first major ties with the USA by refusing Churchill’s request for Australian troops; infuriating Churchill. He believed strongly in Australia first as the Japanese threat was too great at the time.

There is merit to be found on grounds of world peace, humanitarian effort, nationhood, but there is also the questionable sacrifices we make because of politics.

Today we are faced by Syria and possible intervention, directly through military action or by training another opposition group without addressing the ramifications. These matters could spiral out of control or just come back to hound later in time. I pray our Leaders find wisdom, seek advice and listen to the overall thoughts of the nation; before any action is undertaken, which will make it all goes pear shaped.

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