A utopian society – all things being equal

Society seems to be trying to be all things to all people, for the benefit of all and those who have more to assist in closing the gap with those who have less. Those who have less may have less for various reasons and some of them may come from their own making and not from external circumstances beyond their control. All this is very socialist in its definition.

Society is not equal. We, as humans, are not constantly considerate, loving, compassionate, non-racist, non-sexist or willing to share; sounds like toddlers at play.

From an early age we are told to work hard, strive, save, promote ourselves and seek the ‘higher office’. These things cannot be achieved if one looks behind and says ‘You go first’ or ‘I will forego my promotion and salary increase to help Fred keep his job’. People generally do not think this way.

There will also be strata levels within society. How many PhDs fix the roadways? How many CEOs work at checkouts? Trying to force people to be political correct just frustrates and stagnates society. When one considers the multicultural elements of a society, including religion, it is nigh impossible for any one person to grasp all the elements which would make a fully competent politically correct individual. Plus wouldn’t society be boring.

One cannot say anything about one’s own beliefs about marriage, climate change, women in general, homosexuality, Muslims, society’s under privileged or the indigenous population without been vilified across the various communication mediums and channels available.

If we want a strong society, a balanced and strong political system and freedom of movement and speech etc people must accept the fact that not everyone will or should agree with them or the populous debate.

A balanced society is one where all beliefs, expressions and statements, are aired, excepted and not vilified. Everyone deserves the right to express, as long as it is measured and not against the basic laws by which society is governed.

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