Solitude and Aspiration

Why is it that when we want time to ourselves to re-energise and review, we can’t and won’t take the proper amount of time to perform a good and proper service upon ourselves.

We get away from others with all the good intentions but end up thinking of non-essentials and trying to find a reason to rejoin the ‘others’. Or the ‘others’ can’t find in their hearts the realisation that if they interrupt this time of solitude that they will suffer physically and emotionally. Well that’s what I envisage.

How can you enforce a break between those who desire your company because from their limited life experiences you are the most important person in their world? My two year old just can’t stay away from me – no matter how I try to avoid him.

I am so glad my staff are not like that.

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One Response to Solitude and Aspiration

  1. timeweaving says:

    You must have good staff:-)

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